A Faster Way To Get A Diploma

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A Faster Way To Get A Diploma


Lately, my secondary school friends who went to Junior Colleges had already started their journey in University. I was able to catch up with one of them, Wen, who is currently in the School of Business in Nanyang Technological University.

“I see my friends coping pretty well and having fun,” I recall her saying.


She replies, “The group projects can be annoying.” I laughed and said, “Now you know.”

JC students might not be used to having group projects, unlike Polytechnic students. She has heard a thing or two about Polytechnic life, how tiring things can get when you don’t get the most cooperative team, and more.

“I’m still thankful that I studied in JC though, I take in the information faster, especially when I already have the foundation from the past 2 years.” Polytechnic students might need time to get back to text-book studying.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros And Cons

Polytechnic Students

Such as myself, being in Polytechnic allowed me to learn many soft skills — such as time management, communication, multi-tasking, real-world experience, presentation skills, and et cetera. Such skills will not be applied as often in Junior Colleges. 

Furthermore, Polytechnic Students graduate with a Diploma. It is a recognised certificate that allows a Diploma graduate to open up job opportunities; in which one will not be able to have from just a GCE A-Level Certification.

The hands-on experience is invaluable when you learn about up-to-date information of the industry you are studying.

But Polytechnic isn’t all fun and games — our lives may appear relaxed, but ever heard of “Hell Week”? That is when all the assignments and projects are due at the same time.

Polytechnic Students

Junior College Students

Like Wen, studying for GCE A-Levels has allowed her to gain a lot of theoretical knowledge. Going into a university allows her to continue using her scholastic skills, which she might be more better prepared for the fast-paced and content-heavy university. 

Those who take GCE A-Level also have a better chance of getting into University. 70% of the offers from University is being offered to JC students, while only 30% of it to Polytechnic students.

JC can be very stressful, but school events like Sports Day allow the students to slow down their pace and forget about studies for a bit. Wen also expresses that the closest friends come from JC!

“You go through the thick and thin together and they stick around just about forever!” is one of Wen’s biggest takeaways from studying (very hard) in her two years of JC.

Any Way To Get The Diploma Faster?

Private Diploma helps to fasten up the process! It can be a little faster than a Full-Time Diploma, albeit a more intense one. You will still be able to learn all the fundamentals and skills you need for the specialisation of your choice, and you won’t be learning any less than Full-Time Diploma students! 

Remember to always opt for the path most suitable for you! There are always pros and cons for any pathway you choose, so it is essential to see if you’re comfortable with the limitations. Most importantly, interest brings motivation!

A Faster Way To Get A Diploma

A Faster Way To Get A Diploma

A Faster Way To Get A Diploma

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