Is a Full-Time Diploma Program Right for You?

Full Time or Part Time diploma

Have you ever found yourself at the crossroads of academic decision-making, weighing the pros and cons of earning a ‘diploma full time’ versus part time? This is a dilemma many students face, and it’s often a decision that’s influenced by a variety of factors – from financial situations to personal commitments. Whether you’re a high […]

5 Highest Paying Logistics & Supply Chain roles in Singapore

Logistics and supply chain management (SCM). Singapore Port.

With the growing demand for seamless distribution and e-commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) offers endless opportunities for a meaningful impact on the global economy. Now let’s talk about some of the expected salary. Let’s dive into this, shall we? 1. Supply Chain Analyst (Average Salary: $60,000 – $90,000) Supply Chain Analysts dive into […]

Should I Take Part-TIme Diploma?


There are a lot of voices revolving around Part-Time Diploma, as in comparison to Full-Time Diplomas and more. What if you just don’t have enough time but you’re all about learn, learn and learn — Part-Time Diploma isn’t any lesser than Full-Time Diploma. Here’s some myths about Part-Time Diploma: 1. You Are Not Able To […]

Should I Choose Polytechnic or JC?

Teaching Clips

Lately I’ve been listening to IF YOU by BIGBANG on repeat, which is the main inspiration of this blog’s title and sparked some thoughts.  Throughout my years in Polytechnic, there are often (a lot of) times I doubt my choice to enroll into a Polytechnic instead of a Junior College (JC). When I’ve piles of […]

A Faster Way To Get A Diploma

Full Time or Part Time diploma

Congratulations! Lately, my secondary school friends who went to Junior Colleges had already started their journey in University. I was able to catch up with one of them, Wen, who is currently in the School of Business in Nanyang Technological University. “I see my friends coping pretty well and having fun,” I recall her saying. “You?” […]

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