5 Highest Paying Logistics & Supply Chain roles in Singapore

With the growing demand for seamless distribution and e-commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) offers endless opportunities for a meaningful impact on the global economy. Now let’s talk about some of the expected salary.

Let’s dive into this, shall we?

1. Supply Chain Analyst (Average Salary: $60,000 - $90,000)


Supply Chain Analysts dive into data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement within the supply chain. Proficiency in data analysis tools ,supply chain management (SCM), and the ability to extract actionable insights from data are key skills.

2. Demand Planner (Average Salary: $70,000 - $90,000)

Demand Planner

Demand Planners analyze historical data, market trends, and customer preferences to forecast future demand accurately. Attention to detail, analytical thinking, and supply chain management (SCM) are essential skills in demand planning.

3. Operations Manager (Average Salary: $70,000 - $100,000)

Operations Manager

Operations Managers oversee the day-to-day activities within warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities. Supply chain management (SCM), leadership, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are key in this role.

4. Procurement Manager (Average Salary: $90,000 - $120,000)

towfiqu barbhuiya nApaSgkzaxg unsplash scaled

Procurement Managers sources for materials and services required for production. Their decisions directly impact the quality and efficiency of the entire supply chain. Vast knowledge of supply chain management (SCM) will be essential.

5. Supply Chain Director (Average Salary: $130,000 - $160,000)

IAB LCCI Level 2 - Bookkeeping and Accounting - Spring Training

Supply Chain Directors are strategic visionaries who orchestrate the entire logistics network. They oversee the end-to-end supply chain process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products to customers. They also tend to possess in-depth knowledge of supply chain management (SCM).

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Author: Chua Wen Rong

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