IAB LCCI Level 1 Certificate In Bookkeeping

The IAB LCCI Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping (VRQ) provides students with essential skills in double-entry bookkeeping, financial record maintenance, and the preparation of basic financial statements for sole traders. Job roles for graduates may include positions such as Accounts Clerks, Travel Assistants, and Hotel Receptionists. 

Tailored for individuals currently in or aspiring to roles involving meticulous financial transaction recording within businesses, this qualification establishes a solid foundation for further progression in accounting and the job market. It is equivalent to a GCSE D – G grade, making it an ideal choice for those either beginning their journey or already engaged in accounting-related positions.

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IAB Approved Centre for LCCI - LCCI level 1, LCCI level 2, LCCI level 3
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What You Will Learn

Prepare for a career in Accounting & Finance

Potential Career Opportunities

Finance Manager

Financial Analyst




Countries recognise LCCI Qualification


Median SG salary for Accountants


Accounting Job Opportunities

Course Structure

  • Manage Books of Original Entry and Double Entry
    This module covers the purpose, preparation of control accounts, trade receivables and payables ledger control accounts, and treatment of minority balances.

    6 weeks, 6 hours a week
  • Control Accounts
    Students will learn how to provide essential management information within organizations, empowering them to support managerial planning and make informed decisions.

    6 weeks, 6 hours a week
  • Account for Payroll
    This module involves calculating payroll, understanding statutory and voluntary deductions, computing gross and net pay, and defining ledger entries for accounting payroll.

    6 weeks, 6 hours a week
  • Prepare Financial Statements for Sole Traders
    This module covers accounting for depreciation, adjustments for accruals and prepayments, and prepares income statements and financial positions for sole traders.

    6 weeks, 6 hours a week

Entry Requirement

Course Completion & Certification

  • Upon completion and passing the examination, students will be awarded with the Certificate for the IAB LCCI Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping (VRQ) by IAB.


  • Total Duration: 1 Month
  • 3 hours per lesson, 2 lessons per week
  • No lessons are conducted during public and school holidays
Class Timeslots
  • Choose either one of the following classes
Tuesdays & Thursdays

7pm – 10pm

Monday & Wednesdays

7pm – 10pm


9am – 12pm and

1pm – 4pm

*Please reach out to our education consultant regarding your preferred schedule


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