Terms and Conditions

Spring College International was established in 2001. It is registered with Singapore’s Committee for Private Education (CPE) under SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and is awarded with 4-years Edutrust Certificate.

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in this course, you are consenting to adhere to the terms and conditions that establish a binding agreement between you and Spring College International (SCI). It is advisable for your own benefit to thoroughly examine all the subsequent sections before registering for the courses.

1. SCI has informed me about the duration of the course, including holidays and examination schedules, and contract (only applicable for courses with durations of more than 2 months), and no of hours by days and week.
2. The total fee payable, including course fee, material fee and application fee.
3. Dates when respective payment are due.
4. Information about academic and disciplinary matters.

5. Information for make-up lessons: Advance notification to SCI regarding any missed sessions is required. Upon approval from SCI, makeup lessons may be arranged. These sessions will be accommodated within a different intake. Approval for makeup sessions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

6. The refund policy.
a) When I have registered for the course for more than 1 month, and SCI still can’t start the class, I can get full refund including registration fee, material fee and course fee if I ask for refund.
b) Before the course commencement date is confirmed and less than 1 month, I can ask for refund, and the refund is up to 70% of the course fee only, the registration fee and material fee are not refund to me. Once the course commencing date is confirmed, SCI will not refund to me.
c) Once the course has commenced, SCI will not refund to me.

d) The aggregate payment encompasses both the program fee and the transaction fee facilitated by the Stripe Platform, which falls within the purview of the student’s responsibility. The computation of the program fee derives from dividing the total remittance by 3.6% of the transaction fee. In the circumstance of a refund, the program fee shall be fully reimbursed, while the transaction fee, assumed by the student, remains non-reimbursable.

7. The transfer/withdraw policy.
a) For transfer policy, if after a few lessons, I find that the course is not suitable for me, I can transfer to another course. The course fee I paid for the current course can be transferred to another course and I need to make up any fee differences for the current course and respective course. I need to pay $30 before GST for service fee for transfer of the course and also the material fee for the respective course.
b) For withdrawal policy. I can withdraw from the course and I acknowledge that I cannot get any refund for the course from SCI.
8. If the course attendance is above 70%, I can have an attendance certificate.
9. I have read and understood the above items before signing up for this course.

9. The student grants consent to the aforementioned agreement by checking the box for the terms and conditions.

10. If the student is under 18 years old, their parent or legal guardian should complete the sign-up process on behalf of the student.

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